Shuttle and ISS observation Nov 6

From: Eric Briggs (
Date: Tue Nov 06 2007 - 13:35:05 UTC

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    Observing from +43 41' 46", -79 23' 46" I just saw the ISS and STS-120
    flyover at 11:15 UT.  The Shuttle got brighter in the second half of the
    pass, and at 11:19:50 it was like someone flicked on a switch onboard for a
    couple of seconds.  Now that I get inside, the forum and
    PAO on NASA TV mentions the RCS hot fire test is ongoing, maybe I observed
    that.  I am surprised that RCS can have such an effect.  Is it possible
    orientation of the shiny radiators can suddenly illuminate and suddenly dim
    like that?
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