Re: Flaring Geosats in New Format

From: Bram Dorreman (
Date: Mon Nov 05 2007 - 23:22:20 UTC

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    2007/11/3, Brad Young wrote
    > For what they're worth, here are a lot of flaring geosat obs in the format I described after Bram's suggestion. I would hope that they will be saved somewhere, as a resource for the future. Format as described in post:
    > except added a column for mag, since some are >9 and I don't foresee having any <0 (though that would be spectacular). My flare lengths are 000 since I just observed, did not try to estimate length of flare.
    followed by his report
    > 25004 8337 20071011 0224 W E 000 5  B U
    > 25004 8337 20071011 0327 W E 000 5  A U
    > 26038 8337 20071011 0445 W T 000 6  B U IN GROUP OF 3 etc. etc.
    I am currently involved in completing an astronomy course, that takes
    much more time than I originally expected. So give me at least one
    week to finish that job.
    After that I hope to have more time for geosat matters, for example my
    current way of reporting them.
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