Re: Shuttle visibility upon re-entry

From: Paul Bridges (
Date: Sun Nov 04 2007 - 19:02:47 UTC

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    Hi All,
    Beginner here, mostly involved in trying to photograph ISS and STS.  I 
    had two questions...
    I see the STS undock time is 5:32 EST. I have a superb 
    horizon-zenith-horizon pass in my area (California) at 8:56 EST 
    according to H.A..  If those times remain correct, is ~20 minutes enough 
    time to show a visible separation of STS/ISS to the human eye?  I just 
    don't know how fast/far they move apart after separation.
    Maybe off topic:
    Also, I saw discussion that ISS has a "coppery color", which I think I 
    see, but when I photographed the ISS and then STS going by 5-10 minutes 
    later, STS seemed to be almost as reddish.  I don't see either color 
    much until I turn the saturation up on the computer.  Is some of this 
    atmospheric effects?  My white balance was set to "daylight", FYI.
    Paul Bridges
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