Re: Shuttle visibility upon re-entry

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Date: Sat Nov 03 2007 - 16:02:50 UTC

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    Jeff Umbarger wrote:
    > Hey Joe,
    >      You will definitely be able to hear the sonic
    > boom a few minutes after it passes directly overhead
    > if that is where you will be watching from.
    In 1999, one of the shuttles came in just after sunset, ground track
    between Waco and Austin IIRC. I figrued it'd be about 12 minutes before
    the boom hit Kyle, TX, which is south of Austin by 20 or so miles. I
    heard a "Whump-wuh-whump" within about thirty seconds of when I thought
    it would happen. There were uncertainties in my understanding of the
    atmosphere, but I knew my prediction would be early.
    The golden trail behind the vehicle was stunning against a
    rapidly-bluing sky. It looked like liquid gold.
    > However, I have a
    > question: Where do I get information on the re-entry
    > path??? I can't seem to navigate the site to
    > find the landing tracks (usually they show 3 of the
    > paths for 3 different orbit opportunities). 
    They're posted within 24 hours of the landing time due to uncertainties
    about weather and other mission factors. Here's an example:
    - From the "Landing" page, the link will appear for this mission:
    I was hoping to be able to give you a link where the landing track page
    would eventually be, but you'll probably be able to substitute "sts120"
    for "sts117" in the first link.
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