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Date: Sat Nov 03 2007 - 09:54:44 UTC

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    Brent Boshart's "Satellite Tracker" appears to be very good program,
    but lacking the connector cable I have so far only made dry runs.
    > I'm looking at the Celestron CPC and the Meade LX90 - 10-12" diameter.
    3. Connect to the Telescope.
    Using a proper cable connect the RS232 port on the telescope to your 
    computer's COM port 1 or COM Port 2. Click the [Connect] button.
    In the 'Telescope'-'Interface Protocol' menu option, set to Meade LX200' for 
    LX200 scopes only. Use 'LX200 Compatible' for other non-LX200 telescope 
    mounts which have a LX200 protocol such as Astro-Physics. AutoStar users can 
    set to AutoStar 497 or AutoStar 494. AutoStar 495 users should select the 
    AutoStar 497 setting. LX200GPS telescopes can use the AutoStar 497 interface 
    for leap-frog tracking or the LX200GPS interface for continuous tracking.
    Note for AutoStar users: Under menu option "Satellite" and "Create View Plan 
    TLE File" a custom TLE file can be created and then downloaded to the 
    AutoStar using the Meade AutoStar Update program. Also consider adjusting 
    the "AOS/LOS at ?? Elevation" setting in the Preferences to match the lowest 
    visible elevation at your site.
    NexStar GPS, 8i and 5i telescopes with HC v1.6 and MC v4.1 firmware can use 
    the "NexStarGPS Continuous Tracking Interface". Earlier firmware versions 
    can only 'leap frog' track. (Note: This interface is not compatible with the 
    NexStar 5/8 scopes. A beta version interface is available in the current 
    Celestron Ultima 2000 and earlier firmware versions of NexstarGPS telescopes 
    are only capable of 'leap frog' tracking through the RS232 interface. When 
    using the NexStarGPS the 'Tracking Method' should be set to the furthest 
    right setting ('Leap Frog'). 
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