Re: Shuttle visibility upon re-entry

From: Jeff Umbarger (
Date: Sat Nov 03 2007 - 05:22:58 UTC

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    Hey Joe,
         You will definitely be able to hear the sonic
    boom a few minutes after it passes directly overhead
    if that is where you will be watching from. I've
    watched it re-enter several times from Temple Texas at
    night - spectacular. And I heard *3* booms in short
    succession. I can explain two of them (the over and
    then under pressure wave) but not three (probably a
    bounce off some thermal layer way up. But I can't
    speak for daylight visibility. However, I have a
    question: Where do I get information on the re-entry
    path??? I can't seem to navigate the site to
    find the landing tracks (usually they show 3 of the
    paths for 3 different orbit opportunities). 
              Jeff Umbarger
              Plano, TX, USA
    --- wrote:
    > Here is a question which no doubt not a few people
    > will be asking in light  
    > of the 
    > current Shuttle mission now scheduled to take a
    > trajectory across the  US en 
    > route home to Florida.  Although it will be late
    > morning/early  afternoon, 
    > will those 
    > located under and close to the re-entry path be able
    > to see the orbiter and  
    > or 
    > plasma trail against the daytime sky?  I recall
    > videos that were taken  of 
    > Columbia's 
    > final 2003 flight from New Mexico and Texas clearly
    > showing both  orbiter and 
    > the 
    > resultant trail even though it was well after
    > sunrise.    
    > And will any "bangs" or "whumps" be audible some
    > seconds (or  minutes)
    > after the Shuttle has streaked on by?
    > I've been assigned to  do a story for
    > about the visibility of both
    > the Shuttle and ISS as  separate entities after
    > undocking, but the re-entry 
    > path
    > over the US puts a  new twist on potential Shuttle
    > viewing. 
    > -- joe rao
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