Shuttle visibility upon re-entry

Date: Sat Nov 03 2007 - 04:58:59 UTC

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    Here is a question which no doubt not a few people will be asking in light  
    of the 
    current Shuttle mission now scheduled to take a trajectory across the  US en 
    route home to Florida.  Although it will be late morning/early  afternoon, 
    will those 
    located under and close to the re-entry path be able to see the orbiter and  
    plasma trail against the daytime sky?  I recall videos that were taken  of 
    final 2003 flight from New Mexico and Texas clearly showing both  orbiter and 
    resultant trail even though it was well after sunrise.    
    And will any "bangs" or "whumps" be audible some seconds (or  minutes)
    after the Shuttle has streaked on by?
    I've been assigned to  do a story for about the visibility of both
    the Shuttle and ISS as  separate entities after undocking, but the re-entry 
    over the US puts a  new twist on potential Shuttle viewing. 
    -- joe rao
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