ISS occultation of Saturn?

Date: Fri Nov 02 2007 - 22:03:59 UTC

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    A friend of mine passed this question along to me; I thought
    it might be  of some interested to those here on SeeSat-L. -- joe rao
    The  ISS is making a pass over the Baltimore-DC area Monday morning which, 
    for some  lucky constestants, should pass right in front of the Saturn's disk.  
    Using  Starry Night Pro 6, I'm coming up with an angular separation of about 
    33 minutes  of arc for my backyard, with the ISS passing below Saturn.  Using a 
    local  club observing site for the Howard [County] Astronomical League, Alpha 
    Ridge  park, some 21 miles ENE of me, the ISS passes 31 minutes of arc above  
    Saturn.  Presumably, somewhere in between, the ISS should pass directly in  
    front of Saturn.
    Two issues.  First, I have no idea how accurate  SNP6's satellite paths are.  
    Two, I have no idea whether NASA will  change the orbit of the ISS at all 
    between now and then.
    I'm using the  following TLE, which I got from the NASA ISS Realtime Data page
    at, which, as best I can figure it, is the TLE that 
    will  be in effect at the time of Monday morning's ISS pass:
    Coasting Arc #4  (Orbit 3304)
    1 25544U 98067A   07309.38200548   .00020000  00000-0  20000-3 0  9031
    2 25544   51.6361  95.8540 0002767 177.9475 182.1701 15.75896742 33052
    Should  I send this to David Dunham (IOTA) to see if he can come up with a  
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