Re: Optical 26th Nov 2006

From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Tue Nov 28 2006 - 08:15:46 EST

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    I use to transmit video that way from my telescope. One night I notice my signal was being jammed,
    leaving me to wonder what was causing it. Well Christmas morning, I found out. A 2.4Ghz phone was
    given as a gift, it was the source of the jamming.
    So better make sure, no 2.4 Ghz phone are other transmitter in that frequency is around, to messup
    the signal.
    --- Greg Roberts <> wrote:
    > (2) I am contemplating repacing my video cable link with a radio link on
    >     about 2.4 GHz. This should solve some cable problems and hopefully
    >     remove the signal degradation that occurs over the cable link. I also
    >     plan to replace the 12v DC cable with a battery supply- this should
    >     remove banding/cross modulation that comes from the 50hz/100hz ripple
    >     in the regulated power supply.
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