PPAS BY part 2

From: Brad Young (brad.young@domain-engineering.com)
Date: Sat Nov 25 2006 - 00:30:41 EST

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    Doubt COSPAR locations need to be noted but did anyway.
      1) Bram Dorreman alerted me that this is the UNID I had reported earlier incorrectly as #25261, not #25621.
      2) Also a slow variation from +5 -> +7 I did not time.
      3) Not sure if I used correct format. Iridium 911 with startling 1X flashes before started timings. Then Brightest, brighter, bright pattern slowly declining as it got lower.
      4) Used wristwatch so accuracy is ~ 1 sec on all data.
      Also noticed 06- 46 C (29507) on 06-11-24 as an obvious 1x tumbler, so this may be the UNID seen by Daniel Magoon tonight as described in another thread. 
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