Iridium 911/914

From: daniel crawford (
Date: Wed Nov 22 2006 - 04:01:15 EST

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    I had a very nice site and surprise this evening.
    While checking out the location of an iridium flare that I knew was
    going to occur, I decided to make a check on my favorite flasher:
    Iridium 911 24842.  I checked Heavens-Above and noted that it was just
    coming over the horizon for a 43 degree alt pass.  Nice timing! I
    walked outside at that time and waited hoping that my eyes would
    adjust.  While waiting, I caught a flash out of the corner of my eye
    to my upper left.  Imagination?  Meteor?  <shrug>  Then, the flash
    came again and startled me.  (it was that bright!) Could I be looking
    for 911 in the wrong place?  Then 911 showed up and gave me the show
    that I hoped for - being the wonderful disco ball that it is.  During
    the 'passes' I figured that the other flasher that I noticed was
    probably Iridium 914.  After the original flare that I wanted to
    observe (Iridium 10), I came in and confirmed that the 'unknown'
    flasher was indeed 914 and it made a 80+ degree pass!!!
    If you enjoy seeing a naked eye flashers, I would recommend either one
    of these objects.  Nice to know that they are observable 'together'
    right now.
    Fun when a 'non-plan' falls together!
    Daniel Crawford
    45.04N, 93.36W
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