Re: A Barium Cloud Sighting (?)

From: Mike McCants (
Date: Mon Nov 20 2006 - 14:34:01 EST

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    >Would this appear to move very slowly or would the exhaust
    >cloud zip across the sky in a few minutes?
    The GPS payload before the circularization burn is in a 6 hour
    eccentric orbit with an apogee at the correct height (12600 miles).
    At that height (on a north to south equator crossing in this case)
    the circularization burn puts the payload into a 12 hour circular orbit
    at 12600 miles.  So the burn takes place at that height with the
    rocket engine pointing "north" to increase the speed and change the
    inclination.  The payload and the rocket plume move very slowly
    at 12600 miles.
    >was a barium cloud  formation to the Southwest of our position.  It began at
    >2230 UT, on a bearing  to the southwest that, from our posit (3155N/03306W)
    A 6 hour elset for the payload indicates a north to south equator
    crossing on Nov. 19 at 22:00 UT over latitude 0, longitude 76 west.
    But the height is still a little below apogee at that point.
    At 22:30, the height is correct, the latitude is 7 degrees south
    and the longitude is still 76 degrees west.
    Mike McCants
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