possible re-entry on October 1?

From: Ed Cannon (edcannonsat@yahoo.com)
Date: Thu Nov 16 2006 - 20:15:47 EST

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    I found reference to this on the Yahoo group "Bolide Chasers".
    At least four cameras photographed an "extremely unusual meteor" 
    at about 5:16 Oct 2 UTC (11:16 PM Oct 1 Mountain Daylight Time).  
    Two videos are available on the following web site.  Some data 
    suggest it may have lasted at least 45 seconds.  Speed was about 
    13.5 km/sec (too fast for a re-entry?).  Its direction was SW to 
    NE with a very shallow angle of entry.  It was fragmenting.  
    Apparent sonic booms were heard by eyewitnesses.  The page says 
    its final height was about 28 miles (45 km).  The length of the 
    observed ground track was about 470 miles (752 km), over Arizona, 
    New Mexico, and Colorado:
    The page above also includes a ground-track map with captions
    about fragmentation, length of fragment group, etc.  It seems 
    to have come fairly close to buzzing Cheyenne Mountain.
    Aerospace Corp has a re-entry prediction for about 26 hours 
    later of a Long March 2D (2006-035B, 29386) whose ground tracks,
    if extrapolated, look like they could be possibly compatible 
    (as opposed to those of the Molniya decay they predicted for 
    Sept. 30).
    If it was not the Long March itself, I wonder if it might have
    been a piece of debris from the same launch vehicle.
    Ed Cannon - Austin, Texas, USA
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