Re: Decay alert- SJ- 8

From: Robert Holdsworth (
Date: Fri Nov 03 2006 - 12:48:42 EST

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    Now the ground track is available on public sites I am in more of a position 
    to comment.
    I note that the decay occurred just after a pass over Tasmania in daylight. 
    I have  conducted a reasonably extensive (though owing to lack of available 
    time at this point, not exhaustive) search of Tasmanian online news media. 
    So far I have found nothing  which would indicate that anything was seen.
    I was in amongst buildings in Wellington city during the earlier pass near 
    New Zealand and the sky was cloudy so not much chance of looking for any 
    New  Zealand
    > Hi all,
    > It decayed on Nov. 1. I watched from home at 1x a predicted pass at 00:27
    > UTC (Nov. 2) but saw nothing. It was an orbit later then the predicted
    > reentry time I posted on my site on Oct. 31. Note that all predictions on 
    > my
    > site come from Space Track. I only present them differently with more
    > information about the object and a map. I do not make my own predictions.
    > Dan
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