RE: Red ISS again

From: Paul Henney (
Date: Thu Nov 02 2006 - 16:28:42 EST

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    I have just observed a pass of ISS at 18:30 UT, from just south of
    Nottingham UK, in a bright moonlit sky.
    On the "ascent" ISS was distinctly red, becoming more orange at culmination
    then becoming more yellow-white on "descent" into shadow.
    Optical illusion or changes in reflective surfaces?
    Sheffield UK
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    hi all,
    Just observed a pass of a -2 ISS against a blue twilight sky at 62 deg
    elevation through holes in the cloud cover. Due to the weather a.o., this
    for me 
    was the first sighting since it was upgraded with new components.
    To my eye it was indeed orange-red, as some have commented here. The
    with the blue sky background  might have played a role in this - perhaps
    complety dark, it would have appeared more "white".
    - Marco  :-)
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