DMSP 17 Delta IV launch visibility

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Date: Thu Nov 02 2006 - 15:24:43 EST

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    Hi All,
    Note that this is a pre-dawn launch window for southern California
    residents, and although the Delta IV is a (dimmer) liquid rocket,
    it has solid rocket strap-ons for the first stage which make the
    initial minute or two of flight much more visible.  Unfortunately,
    once the SRBs burn out, there isn't much of a contrail to speak of --
    just a moving bright dot.  Here's a YouTube link to a video of a
    recent evening launch of a Delta IV out of Vandenberg:
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    Subject: DMSP 17 search elements
    DMSP 17 is scheduled to be launched from VAFB on 2006 Nov 04, between
    13:53-14:03 UTC. The following search elements are based upon launch at
    the start of the window:
    DMSP F17         6.0  2.0  0.0  5.8 v
    1 70000U          06308.62128730  .00000056  00000-0  30000-4 0    04
    2 70000  98.9000 306.6730 0006000 270.3000  89.7000 14.13320000    06
    I estimate prediction time accuracy of about 5 min within 24 h of
    Ted Molczan
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