Another meteor near ISS path

From: Robert Holdsworth (
Date: Wed Nov 01 2006 - 12:16:02 EST

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    I had just gone outside at 1544 UTC  to observe a pre-dawn shadow exit ISS 
    pass due at that time in the vicinity of Crux when I was surprised by a 
    meteor in the southern sky heading south in the vicinity of Pavo, which the 
    ISS passed near about two minutes later.   As this is the second such event 
    I have witnessed, the first being during an EVA  (though of course depending 
    on height of the meteor separation could be greater than it looks) I will be 
    watching ISS passes with a little trepidation :-)  But it certainly made the 
    early start worthwhile!
    The pass itself was not particularly good, reached mag 1 at most and had 
    some interference from a street light.   From what I saw of the ISS no 
    orange coloration visible on this pass.  The meteor was much brighter at 
    around mag -2 or -3.
    New Zealand
    UTC plus 13 (NZ daylight time.) 
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