Decay alert- SJ- 8

From: Robert Holdsworth (
Date: Wed Nov 01 2006 - 04:27:13 EST

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    According to Calsky 29385 2006-35A is due to decay around 2127 UTC off the 
    East Coast of USA.
    The predicted pre-decay ground track passes close to here (at 2048) and 
    post- decay it passes over Australia, both of these in daylight.
    The usual difficulties exist over Space-Track restrictions, however  its 
    predictions do not seem to eliminate the above possibilities.  Obsat 
    certainly indicates the possibility of near or post decay passes in this 
    region,  but shows a later decay than that predicted by Calsky. is predicting decay at a similar time and track 
    to Calsky, and also shows the possibility of a pass over here prior to decay 
    with post ground track uncertainty showing two passes over Australia.
    The satellite is described as "recoverable"  however Daniel explains on the 
    site that the capsule containing the plants has already been recovered, so 
    the decaying object is the rest of the satellite.
    New Zealand
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