Amusing catlog update

From: George Olshevsky (
Date: Wed Nov 30 2005 - 22:46:48 EST

Yesterday I happened to look up this year's latest launch online
(launch 2005-046) and found that Space Track had misspelled the name
Telkom as Telcom and misattributed it to the US instead of to
Indonesia in its listing. So I dutifully made the corrections to my
copy of the Satellite Situation Report. Today I was amused to find
those exact corrections in Space Track's 7-day update--kinda like deja
vu all over again.

Space Track has also renumbered the objects in the 1994-085 launch,
which had apparently been missing the E object for several years (I
hadn't noticed that little bug before). What had previously been
cataloged as the E object turned out to be 1971-120G. Now there is an
E object again, and the AA object (last in the series) is gone. I also
note that Space Track has now added the SL-8 upper stage to the name
of object number 28898, and it has relettered it 2005-043G from
2005-043J. I had made the former correction just a few days ago.

Now if only they would use those three presently unassigned catalog numbers...

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