Re: Decay alert: Minotaur R/B

From: Robert Holdsworth (
Date: Mon Nov 28 2005 - 12:47:21 EST

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    28872 is due to decay  around 0100 UTC today.
    As this is publicly available from Calsky I can re;lay that, but owing to 
    Space-Track's policy I cannot go into further detail of predictions there.
    However is showing a decay time of 0618 plus or 
    minus 4 hours which would means that a predicted daylight  pass here at 0541 
    will be of great interest should it  not have already reentered.
    We also have a daylight pass in under an hour from my writing this but it is 
    probably too early and it is quite cloudy.
    It is fortunate that these public sites provide information because 
    otherwise should a decay occur here I would be prevented by SpaceTrack 
    policy from telling anyone what it was: no doubt  the event would cause some 
    consternation and puzzlement, as a previous decay did over Australia.(but 
    that is old ground now and they aren't likely to take much notice of the 
    fact that it is counterproductive!)
    New Zealand
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