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From: Jonathan McDowell (
Date: Sun Nov 27 2005 - 20:47:22 EST

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    Note that Target Marker 3 wasn't ejected, it is still aboard Hayabusa.
    I agree with you about Centaur AC-2, I've taken a 'best guess' approach
    and just guessed that these small bits are also insulation pieces - they
    are certainly associated with the disruption and tumbling of the stage.
    Todays' discovery was the identification of what appear to be despin
    weights associated with Transit Scout launches - debris objects in
    pairs, one higher than the payload and one lower, like 1967-92C/92D.
    One document I have says that this generation of Transits didn't use
    yo-yo weights, but the orbital data indicates otherwise.
    Sorry to everyone, I think this is getting too off topic for Seesat.
    What's the right mailing list for discussions of cataloging arcana? :-)
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