Orion 3 very bright flashes

From: Ed Cannon (ecannon@mail.utexas.edu)
Date: Tue Nov 22 2005 - 05:14:17 EST

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    In the last few sessions, Orion 3 (99-024A, 25727) has done at
    least a few very bright (-2 or -3 or maybe -4) flashes -- and 
    sometimes on two passes per session.  They have been mostly in
    the southwest.  One evening while watching Telstar 401 I was
    distracted by such flashes.  I didn't have any predictions for 
    it and only later I found they were Orion 3.  I believe that 
    its flash period is now 17.nn seconds, but secondary flashes 
    can be seen.
    Ed Cannon - ecannon@mail.utexas.edu - Austin, Texas, USA
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