Italsat 1 (91-003A, 21055) confirmed

From: Ed Cannon (
Date: Sun Nov 20 2005 - 06:56:02 EST

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    Last night toward the end of the session I thought I'd look for
    90007, to see if it might be flashing.  After 30 or 40 seconds
    there was a flash.  The next flash was 61 seconds later.  That
    matched what we had seen on November 5 from Canyon of the Eagles.
    I had predictions for Italsat 1 as well as 90007 but had not 
    realized that they were almost in the same place because the
    predictions were on two different pages.  Mike got it in the
    telescope, and it appeared to match Italsat 1's position quite
    well.  This one appears to have a fairly short flash episode
    and so ramps up and then down quickly.  I believe the brightest
    flash would have been visible without binoculars.  I got times
    on it from 4:00 to 4:15 UTC, when it was at about RA 0:41 to 
    0:56, Dec -11.7 to -11.3 (2000).
    Saw Telstar 401 from about 2:33 to 3:00 UTC on November 20 
    (8:33 to 9:00 PM Nov 19 CST) -- eight flashes seen without
    binoculars (2:39 to 2:50).
    Mike got Gorizont 7 (83-066A, 14160) in the scope.  It was too
    faint for my binoculars.  It was reported by Mike Waterman last
    May.  The flash period tonight was under 82 seconds (accelerated 
    a bit from end of May.)
    For those who can image very faint things with CCD, Venus 
    Express was added to the NASA Horizons Ephemeris Generator some
    days ago.  Good luck!
    Ed Cannon - - Austin, Texas, USA
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