Mover at 13 east

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Date: Sun Nov 20 2005 - 05:41:27 EST

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    Now had chance to clean up the video of the UNID captured on Friday night.
    The video
    consists of  25-second frames.The UNID can just be seen top of the screen in
    the first frame ,which I have highlighted .In the same frame four of the 
    Eutelsat Hotbird fleet can be seen, approx mag 12.
     I then followed the object "north"  and observed it for a few more
    minutes .......
    approx RA= 0h33.9m  Dec= -730'
    There were a couple of graveyard satellites in the area at the time , but I 
    dont think the movement of the object is consistent
    with their orbit. It seems to be moving too fast.
    Timestamp is GMT
    Location  53.23.15 N   03.05.30 W
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