Re: Inmarsat 4F2 located.....

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Date: Fri Nov 18 2005 - 19:01:37 EST

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    WMV video at
    Slight technical problem with camera alignment caused a bit of "double 
    vison" , however 4F2 is very bright....approx magnitude 8-10 and can be seen 
    moving eastwards and curving back towards the arc in this 40 minute time 
    lapse video.
    Conditions good with bright Moon
    A little earlier in the evening I caught  a very faint ( Mag  12-13) mover 
    passing near to the Hotbird fleet at 13 east.
    I'd welcome any thoughts on its ID.
    The video 
    consists of  25-second frames.The UNID can just be seen top of the screen in 
    the first frame , I then followed it  "north" and observed it for a few more 
    minutes .......
    RA= 0h33.9m  Dec= -730'
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