success, I was able to track a satellite my new scope

From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Fri Nov 18 2005 - 03:27:53 EST

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    Ha Ha Ha, that was so much fun.
    A few minutes ago, I was able to track and view a satellite, using my celestron nextstar 102 SLT
    telescope, oh ya!
    At sometime after 7:54 UTC ( Nov 18 ) after having the satellite tracking software locate and lock
    on to Cosmos 382 ( 04786 ), I was able to view the satellite as it quickly moved across the sky.
    The scope had no problem keeping the satellite in the feild of view, around 1.5 degrees. Not bad
    at all, means I aligned the scope ok.
    I used the following software from the following site
    As starry night pro version 5.7 , from what I see doesn't allow the tracking satellite using a
    At first I was afraid the software would use the leap frog method to track. After doing some more
    reading, and seting it up different using the config settings, I though please work.
    And baby it did!  If I had to use the leap frog method, I be ******* at trying what I want to do,
    track satellites.
    Now I might need to attach my video camera to the scope tube, to allow for pointing errors
    involved. I would like to put the video camera in the telescope focuser, but I have to have darn
    good pointing to try and track satellites in low earth orbit.
    So very happy.
    Satellite observing rules, well for me personally.
    "Why would I travel all that way, to visit a desert"
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