Re: Missing catalogue numbers

From: Leo Barhorst (
Date: Wed Nov 16 2005 - 13:37:23 EST

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    In my satlist, an Excelspreadsheet with all the launches, I also have only 1 
    missing cataloguenumber.
    It is 28897, presumably reserved for one of the 2005-43 sats that didn't 
    Remember FPP was given 28896, days after 2005-43 J was 28898.
    I have 2 entries for 99-57 LY in my list: 26743 and 26751.
    The latter has (or was administratively) decayed 2002 June 10.
    26861 is 2001-27 C (from WWSL august 2001), but it seems never to be 
    officially catalogued.
    26741 is 1992-72 J.
    We have had more of these, I remember the 1967-01 launch of which a lot of
    pieces were re-assigned to 1965-108.
    Most of the time double designations are corrected within a few months.
    Sometimes a next piece of debris gets a character designation 1 or 2 up to 
    But that is also quickly corrected.
    We must keep in mind that all the catalogueing work is done by humans,
    so errors are always possible or more likely cann't be ruled out.
    Greetings and clear, dark skies
    Leo Barhorst, Medemblik NL
    Cospar 4252 52.76350 N 5.09114 E 2 m ASL
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