Missing catalogue numbers

From: George Olshevsky (george.olshevsky@gmail.com)
Date: Wed Nov 16 2005 - 02:05:43 EST

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    The latest Satellite Situation Report (Nov 14) at the Space Track
    website shows the box score of orbited objects totaling 28897 but the
    highest catalogue number in the table of satellites is 4 greater, that
    is, 28901. Ergo, four catalogue numbers must currently have no objects
    assigned to them. Sure enough, by scanning through the list, I was
    able to find three missing catalogue numbers: 26743, 26861, and most
    recently, 28897. The fourth number remains unaccounted for. Would
    anyone happen to know what the fourth missing number might be? (Or has
    the SSR box score simply miscounted?) In a different list, object
    26861 is 2001-027C, a piece of MAP debris, but this object is not
    listed in the SSR. And object 26741 is fragment 1999-057LY, which is
    also(!) given the number 26751 in the same list, the number under
    which 1999-057LY is listed in the SSR.
    I recall this happening back in the 1960s, when #888 went missing for
    several months and eventually turned up in the SSR as 1964-056B. Drove
    me nuts.
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