Inmarsat 4 F2 to be tested at 8 degrees East

From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Tue Nov 15 2005 - 20:31:08 EST

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    Inmarsat 4 F2 has reached geo obit. Inmarsat says it will be drifted to 8 degrees east , where it
    will be tested. After 1 month of testing, it be drifted to it's orbital slot of 53 degrees west. I
    see Inmarsat 4 F2, will be left in that 2-3 degree inclined orbit, as Inmarsat 4 F1 is in a
    inclined geo orbit.
    Ah soon, another geo sat to observe:)
    I got a new 4 ince refractor
    Nice wide feild of view, for seeing more geo sat's in the feild of view:)
    Be nice to see what the faintest star I can see on the tv, using the low light video camera on my
    new scope.
    Ah geo sat, always there to observe, don't need to wait for them to pass by like other satellites.
    Well until they are turned off, and are allow to drift.
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