Re: Odd TLEs for Object 26

From: j smith (
Date: Tue Nov 15 2005 - 15:48:35 EST

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    I don't consider it a problem you need to fix
    especially since SPACE-TRACK also had the same 
    elements in its database.
    I was just trying to examine the data to
    see how this object matched the 
    "mystery polar satellite" of the 
    Feb 1960 time frame.  It works pretty
    well.  It was forwarded as a "possible" candidate 
    at the time.
    Unanswered problems remain, namely 1) how they 
    messed up on the original radar data
    to suspect it was 19 feet long instead of
    the much smaller capsule size, and 2) why
    they took so long to detect the thing 
    after its original "loss".  I figure its all because using
    radar for this purpose at the time was just
    starting out so it had a few problems to 
    work through (detecting tumbling objects
    rather than straighforward incoming ICBMs).
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    Subject: Re: Odd TLEs for Object 26
    I've noticed a lot of errors in the pre-mid-1960s TLEs.
    Often there are 1.00-day errors which must arise from
    typos at some stage in the process of transferring
    the data from one medium to another.
    I'll try and clean some of them up in my archive at
    some point, so feel free to email me with problems you
    find - just don't expect action on less than a 2-year timescale :-)
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