Myself & Observation on Nov 12

From: Demetrio Rey (
Date: Sun Nov 13 2005 - 08:40:38 EST

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    This is my first post. I am an observer from Venezuela. I am an
    enthusiast on aeronautics and astronomy, but currently without
    experience in positional observations, orbital elements, or related
    software (just entered simple text reports at
    The reason I'm here is the following observation:
    Name: Unknown
    Location: Valencia, Venezuela  (10.1810° N, 68.0040° W)
    Sky Conditions: Good (but few scattered clouds).
    Date (UTC): Nov, 12, 2005
    Time (UTC): 00:20:00
    Time Uncertainity: 300 s
    Behaviour: Irregular
    Brightest Mag: -1
    The object crossed sky in N-S direction. Observed trayectory (approx):
    80 degrees (S) to 5 degrees (S). Speed was unusually fast: I would say
    about two or three times the apparent speed of the ISS when it crosses
    the sky at this location.
    The object did not enter earth shadow or plunged behind the horizon:
    it stayed at above 5 degress (S) south for 10 seconds and started to
    get dimmer until disappeared.
    Very bright. Constant brightness from start of observed trayectory,
    but it began to experiment constant flashing (0.5 second period,
    always in same white color), when it went below 10 degress (S). It
    flashed until it disappeared.
    It was not an airplane because its amazing speed and lack of jet sound
    afterwards. I suspect a satellite decay or a meteoroid (however I saw
    no signs of trail).
    Does somebody know what was it?
    Demetrio Rey
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