Re: Long lost objects in orbit

From: George Olshevsky (
Date: Sat Nov 12 2005 - 20:21:35 EST

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    On 11/12/05, <> wrote:
    > ...the sky was flooded with light thanks to the
    > Moon -- one day past full -- rising in the east!  It was like a 1200-watt
    > floodlight in the sky, washing out all but the brightest stars.  :(
    Now that you mention it, I seem to recall the bright full moon low in
    the sky that night as well, with Boston's darkened skyline silhouetted
    against it, so it probably wasn't raining or sleeting. I'm likely
    confusing that Massachusetts Avenue traffic jam with another (they
    were and probably still are quite frequent during the rush hours in
    Cambridge in fall and winter).
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