Re: 05512A recovered

From: Bjorn Gimle (
Date: Wed Nov 09 2005 - 15:33:55 EST

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    The effect on THIS first flash episode would be
    +0:06 RA, +0:10 time /10 deg E
    +0:31 RA, +0:35 time /10 deg S
    However, I checked the possibility that either Jan or Nov observations
    where flashes from the backside of same panel(s). This improved the fit,
    drove the axis closer to the pole, and made the surface cone angle 88
    degrees instead of 68 - both of which are more frequent.
    The first event would be RA 01:49 (dec.-3.6) at 22:41 UTC
    (for 52.8N, 5.1E)
    -0:07 RA, -0:04 time /10 deg E
    -0:40 RA, -0:42 time /10 deg S
    I'll try to figure out the time and effects on the second event before I
    go to bed (100% clouds here)
    > This would make tonights flash (for the Netherlands - I'll
    > estimate the effect of latitude, longitude and date later)
    > at RA 02:27 -1 deg.  and the second episode near RA 07:30 dec.+7
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