Re: 05512A recovered

Date: Wed Nov 09 2005 - 11:37:18 EST

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    Mike Waterman commented in
    > There must be another part of its orbit where flashes
    > can be seen, but noone knows where.
    and I replied that the observations were too few to compute this.
    I have combined his Jan/Nov obs, and although the arcs are short,
    the computed flash normals are about 3h apart, and show obvious
    signs of large angles.
    If this is correct, it implies an axis at about 17:02 +53 degrees,
    and a surface angle of 68 degrees (if it is the same surface)
    This would make tonights flash (for the Netherlands - I'll
    estimate the effect of latitude, longitude and date later)
    at RA 02:27 -1 deg.  and the second episode near RA 07:30 dec.+7
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