Re: Superbird A - at RA 06:53 - No, more like 09:04!

Date: Wed Nov 09 2005 - 07:28:04 EST

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    Leo Barhorst cautioned me that my computation was inconsistent
    with his observations from Oct/Nov obs from earlier years.
    Don Gardner hinted me of his June-05 obs, and I also found Ed's
    and Kevin's from same month. They confirmed my rotation analysis.
    But last night I checked my predictions, and found I forgot to enter
    the Sun's position in my predictions! 
    I hope I didn't keep anyone awake, or getting up to early!
    My correct (?) prediction for Nov.10 is near RA 09:04, -0:04 daily, 
    for declinations within +-6 degrees.
    My axis is now at 00:12, decl.-1.2, and the normal of the surfaces 
    that phase shift is 89.2 deg from the axis.
    Don (also Ed) have observed flashes from another surface, at about 
    82.6 degrees from the axis.
    This would flash near RA 08:12, given the current Sun position.
    Flash time for Leo, 5.1E 52.8N , should be around 03:25 UTC and 02:35 
    Add 0:04 to UTC for each 10 degrees east longitude.
    > >
    > >Superbird A (89-41 A, 20040) is visible again from northwest 
    > >Can someone give me an approximate time when it is flashing?
    > >Must be something around 04:00 UT.
    >In case it might be of help, I wrote the following to Seesat
    >last August:
    >"Observed Superbird A (20040, 89-041A) flashing from about 
    >3:47:59 until about 3:55:35 August 1 UTC (about RA 15:01 
    >to 15:09, epoch 2000; did see one flash before first click)."
    Ed, your obs are good, but since the June obs confirmed my axis,
    I didn't add them yet. I doubt they would change anything.
    I'll try to find time for your sats, but first I'm curious about the
    fate of 05512A #90029's flashes.
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