Re: Superbird A - at RA 06:53 ??

Date: Tue Nov 08 2005 - 02:50:04 EST

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    If my precession rate is OK from 2001-2004, I have it at RA 06:53 
    tomorrow Nov.09, decreasing by 0:04/day.
    For Leo, this would be declination +2.5 at 01:12 UTC, one degree left 
    of a +4.5m star.
    I haven't added any Superbird obs to my spreadsheet since Jan.-04.
    With no special report code for specular flashes and/or phase shifts,
    and most reports not giving RA/dec for the brightest flashes, some
    not even hinting in the the Subject: line that it is a Superbird flash 
    it is time-consuming to find the reports, dig out proper elset, and 
    compute the positions.
    >Superbird A (89-41 A, 20040) is visible again from northwest Europe.
    >Can someone give me an approximate time when it is flashing?
    >Must be something around 04:00 UT.
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