Re: Fw: Meteor seen during ISS EVA pass

From: Rodney Austin (
Date: Tue Nov 08 2005 - 02:15:33 EST

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    Hi Robert,
                   From the description, you probably saw a fairly typical
    bright sporadic meteor. There has also been a good display of the
    Taurid shower this week. There was quite an upsurge in the brightness
    levels due to an extended clump of larger particles in the stream.
    During a couple of comet-hunting session last week, I was gettign an
    average of 8-10 per hour brighter than mag 0. We are past the surge
    now so numbers from this shower should drop. The brightest I saw
    reached about -6 mag.
    A sporadic two weeks ago produced the best and brightest fireball
    around here for years. I estimated -15 in a dark sky. It lit up Mt
    Egmont which is about 20 km form my observing site.
    Rod Austin
    On 11/8/05, Robert Holdsworth <> wrote:
    > For once a meteor is on topic in here!
    > During the recent ISS pass a meteor was observed here without assistance.
    > It was in the eastern sky at about 30 to 40 degrees elevation moving roughly
    > southeast to northwest  at approximately 1616 UTC while the ISS was high in
    > the Northwest. However it was not far enough to the northwest to be heading
    > toward the station.  The meteor was a good mag -1 or more and very brief.
    > It does not appear that the astronauts on the EVA saw it as no mention was
    > made of it on their comms being relayed via NASA-TV, but it is not
    > surprising as they were concentrating on doing battle with a TV camera.
    > They did however mention the beauty of the orbital sunrise just after they
    > departed from here.
    > A pass well worth getting up early for!
    > (I may get a further report on whether the meteor was seen as I informed a
    > work colleague  who has not observed the ISS before of the special interest
    > of this pass during EVA,  but I won't know this for several hours and won't
    > be able to post anything till much later if appropriate to do so.)
    > Robert
    > Wainui
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