ISS EVA to jetttison floating point probe

From: Robert Holdsworth (
Date: Fri Nov 04 2005 - 05:52:17 EST

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    It is intended to jettison the floating point probe during the last two 
    hours of the EVA on Monday UTC.
    Presumably as it is deliberately "launched" it is debris rather than a 
    fragment - or will it be an object in its own right?  :-)
    We have a very good visible pass during the EVA but the pass appears to be 
    too early for the jettison to occur during that it, and presumably the probe 
    will be not particularly bright once released.
    It is stated as follows:
    "McArthur is to jettison the device backwards in relation to the direction 
    the station is moving with a smooth motion. He will aim for a velocity of at 
    least half a foot per second. He'll try to throw the FPP 30 degrees upward 
    and 10 degrees to the left of the back of the station."
    New Zealand
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