Mystery fragment

Date: Wed Nov 02 2005 - 14:22:26 EST

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    I came across this  object
    #5310    1971-000E
    unidentified fragment  discovered in geosynchronous orbit and catalogued 30 
    Jun 71
    whose orbit  is said to have decayed 26 Sep 90.
    I have been unable to find its orbital  elements or anything else about it 
    from tables and charts available to me. Was  it ever identified, and were elsets 
    ever made available for it? How does the  orbit of a "geosynchronous" object 
    manage to decay so quickly? Perhaps it was in  a geosynchronous transfer 
    orbit? The Goddard report I have lists it only as  unidentified debris no longer in 
    orbit as of the above date. Very curious!  
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