New guy & odd sighting.

From: Steve & Bernadette Hannah. (
Date: Sun Nov 07 2004 - 05:57:44 EST

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    Hi to all the list, I`m a keen if spasmodic viewer of satellites passing above Richmond,
    Nelson, New Zealand (41.3330S, 173.1830E) Shift work plus young family plus the usual
    weather considerations are all limiting factors to my observing but I never fail to be
    fscinated by what I have seen, & am slowly starting to recognise things out of the
    ordinary, ( or at least different to b4). I`ve been getting most of my satellite info from
    the Heavens Above web site but occasionally there are sightings that don`t feature on
    here. Where I live is approximately geographically opposite Europe & we seem to get a lot
    of satellite passes. I`ve seen 14 in a 25 minute period once, that included down to
    magnitude 4, it needs to be exceptionall clear to see fainter that this, too many bright
    street lights !
       Anyway, tonight , about 22:25 GMT +13, I saw three satellites moving at the same speed,
    in close proximity to one another ( a hand at arms length covered them, not sure what that
    is in degrees ) , they were travelling approx SW to NE & all had much the same brightness,
    about magnitude 3 .I`d have put their altitude at about 75 degrees. Their relative
    positions did not appear to cange in the time I observed them, maybe 2 minutes. The only
    time I saw anything like this was an Iridium flare followed immediately by another both
    travelling the same orbit from what I could observe, I read somewhere that Iridium has
    spare satellies travelling like this.I  wondered if this could be something similar. There
    it is sorry to be so wordy, try to be more concise next time. Cheers, Steve Hannah
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