Trouble with Cosmos 2399 ?

From: Harro Zimmer (
Date: Thu Nov 20 2003 - 10:15:00 EST

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    Report time: 14:30 UTC
    After a period of silence SCC has now updated its catalogue. 
    Also the "mountain" announced two decay candidates 2003-035C and 2003-035D with predictions but very peculiar - without TLEs.
    2003-035A #27856 - Cosmos 2399 - launched on August 12, 2003 
    is a military imaging satellite of the DON type releasing from
    time to time capsules. But now we have 5 fresh pieces of "debris" in orbit 2003-035C - 2003-035G (#28084 - 28088)
     - so far as I can remember - unusual for this type of 
    2003-035C and 2003-035D have very little RCS values: 0.04 and
    0.07. It is remarkable that the SCC issued decay predictions
    for these "small" objects. Is there something wrong with 
    the main object - with Cosmos 2399? It would interesting to
    watch for the orientation of the satellite.... 
    Berlin, Germany
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