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From: Paul Gabriel (tux@pgog.net)
Date: Thu Nov 13 2003 - 00:19:13 EST

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    23533 95 015A   8305 G 20031113010930300 56 35 1929326-070480 15
    23533 95 015A   8305 G 20031113010944660 56 35 1921563-024828 16
    23533 95 015A   8305 G 20031113011036710 56 35 1849636+147645 16
    the above message was originally "bounced"!
    webmaster has suggested that the above msg with 3 reductions of satellite
    positions requires additional text in order to be processed and posted
    by the seesat list.  the exact reason for this requirement is unknown
    at this time.  I'm told it appears to be coded into the list's software,
    although this requirement was not obvious (to me) in past months.
    perhaps it is to encourage observers to report more
    positions or to be verbose.  I am often verbose, and thought I was doing
    y'all a favor by keeping my seesat msgs short and to the point(s)(pun
    intended).  conditions tonight were not favorable for observing and
    reducing more sat positions.  above reductions were facilitated with the
    help of ted's obsreduce program.  site coordinates unchanged.
    this sat was seen with the aid of a 10.1 cm refractor.
    the email software used to send this message seems not to have a spell
    checker.  some words may contain spelling and/or typographical errors.
    it is unclear how much unnecessary verboseness is required to pass the
    "ok to post" criteria.  anyone with information as to who what when where
    how and/or why of the underlying seesat software code should enlighten
    us, please.  Perhaps we can come with standardized add-on that will
    fool the software, and that everyone can immediately recognize as BS
    && ignore ...?...
    please | do not direct your complaints re verbose msg requirements to
    location and identity of observatory 8305 is registered with the
    proper authorities.
    additional verboseness available upon request.
    end trx |
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