Re: trouble plotting geosat with SkyMap

From: Bjorn Gimle (
Date: Wed Nov 12 2003 - 14:36:56 EST

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    It's not a problem, but a feature, well worth noting even for LEO's !
    Even though an alt/az display is requested, I guess observers without an
    accurate alt/az telescope mount need the star track to find a good spot
    to acquire the satellite. Even during a LEO pass, the stars may rotate
    2-3 degrees! And you may certainly need accurate star references to find
    a GEO.
    Should you wish to see the 'real' alt/az track, you select that on the
    F7/F7 menu (  Track coords: Horizon  instead of       Track coords:
    In Polar or Rectangular mode, the track is always Equatorial (=Siderial)
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    From: "Thomas Fly"
    > when I tried to plot its location using SkyMap 6.6 (which I recently
    got to run
    > on my Windows XP system, after seeing some SeeSat-L posts a while
    back), it
    > showed it trucking right along, about like the HST.
    > Does anybody know what the problem is (I noted that SkyMap doesn't
    > list the SGDP model, but only SGP4
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