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From: Kurt (
Date: Sat Nov 30 2002 - 21:32:23 EST

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    Observing from 37.44N 77.22W Richmond VA. Had a super view of the
    Shuttle launch from here through a 8" at 20 power. Could see the main
    engine exhausts having separate plumes and watched the orbital
    maneuvering pod engines give a few kicks to gain separation of the
    shuttle from the main tank after separation.  Nov. 29th. 7x50 binos ISS
    curved tail of waste water dump simply fantastic. Brighter than any
    comet tail for light intensity and the 4 degree curved tail was easily
    the most action I ever witnessed from a satellite. Dump trail was
    illuminated better from a low angle with the ISS 15 degrees up and still
    strongly illuminated until near the disappearance into shadow. Waste
    trail was lower or simply so diffuse that it faded from visibility about
    10-15 seconds before the ISS disappeared. Sorry for the delay in these
    observations but I joined the list only late this evening! 
    4Dark Sky
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