Re: STS/ISS viewed in Earth shadow

Date: Fri Nov 29 2002 - 21:35:36 EST

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    Tim Rogers wrote:
    > Approximately what magnitude was the ISS at after shadow entry, what
    > latitude are you at, and were you able to follow it to the horizon?
    I also saw it after shadow entry (in Albuquerque, 35N, 106W).
    I would say the magnitude was probably +4 (among the dimmest
    stars seen in the sky through binoculars in a no-so-light-polluted
    part of the sky) and I followed it for about 2 mins after
    shadow entry, but not quite to the "horizon" which was the
    Sandia Mountains in that direction.
    I first found the stack at about a magnitude 0 (and gold color) and
    it became white colored and brighter with a brightest magnitude
    estimate of -2 in the pass. 
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