Satellite Observation Tol V.1.2.5 released

Date: Fri Nov 29 2002 - 17:13:22 EST

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    Hi all,
    I'm sorry for all those who tried to launch my satellite observation tool
    SOT Version 1.2.4 and didn't see the Preferences window within the skyplot
    mode. The reason for that is that I use a screen with very high resolution,
    where the mentioned window is placed on the right side of the screen. It
    may result that the window lies outside the screen for those of you using
    a screen with medium or low resolution. I have resolved this bug and you
    can download now the new version 1.2.5 at
    [3.06 MB] inclusive manual. (Note that this address is case sensitive)
    As mentioned earlier please read the installation part in the manual first.
    Enjoy the sats
    Maurizio Scaramuzza
    Winterthur, Switzerland
    47.50N / 8.75E / 460m
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