RE: Satellite ID help requested...

From: Tim Rogers (
Date: Fri Nov 29 2002 - 12:45:57 EST

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    ccarrington wrote:
    >>Perhaps showing my ignorance, but could it not have been a leonid or other
    meteorite? Having said that it does look very much like an rotating orbital
    No, this is not a meteorite, which would leave an image that was faint at
    the beginning and end of the image, while being solid and bright in the
    With Mike McCants calculating that this object is farther than the orbit of
    the moon if it is a satellite in a circular orbit (40 day orbit), its 60
    degree inclination to the equator, and the bright spots at the beginning and
    end of the trail, I am pretty sure that this is an artifact of the imaging
    process and not an actual image of something in space.
    Tim Rogers
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