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From: Tim Rogers (
Date: Wed Nov 27 2002 - 15:28:18 EST

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    I just subscribed and am sending out my introduction.
    My name is Tim Rogers and I have been observing earth satellites for about a
    year, mostly with information from Heavens Above.
    My usual observing site is in Sugar Hill, GA, USA (34 05' 43"N, 84 02'
    42"W) with 4.5 magnitude seeing.
    I have been involved in the current discussion at
    sci.astro.satellites.visual-observe regarding identifying a satellite that
    appears to have been photographed near the Veil Nebula on November 7th from
    Chiefland, Florida, USA.  The topic is "Satellite ID Help Requested..."
    I think that its a good chance that it might be Syncom 2, whose orbit is
    listed on Heavens Above as "lost", but is was a geosynchronous (not
    geostationary) orbit that was centered over the Pacific in the middle
    1960's.  Maybe it has drifted back over North America?
    Thanks in advance,
    Tim Rogers
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