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From: George Roberts (
Date: Wed Nov 27 2002 - 10:49:58 EST

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    Interesting picture.  Some important points:
    1) The length of the trail is 5 arc minutes, not 18.
    2) The object does *not* seem to brighten or darken.  It only looks this way
    as it
        passes across parts of the ccd that were lightened due to the nebula.
    You can even
        see that lines in the nebula brighten as they pass through the trail.
    Although at the lower end
        it does seem quite bright and I can't find a star here on picture below,
    but maybe it is a variable
    3) Regarding FOV, top to bottom (narrow way) is about 45 arc minutes or 3/4
    of a degree.
    4) In this picture, North is to the left.  This picture is maybe 4 degrees
    misaligned so
        the trail is neither east-west nor north-south.
    5) This is a fantastic picture of the Veil nebula!  For an even better
    picture with a similar magnification, see:
    - George Roberts (take out the "_nospam" to email back to me)
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