Re: Astra 1K raised

From: John locker (
Date: Wed Nov 27 2002 - 05:12:24 EST

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    Reading between the lines it seems that attempts to raise the birds orbit
    have not been as succesful as SES might have hoped.
    Possibly their main concern now is keeping 1K up for as long as possible
    whilst they try to determine if they can produce a controlled re--entry.
    One thing that puzzles me , .....if , by some miracle they did manage to
    re-boost to say the 400km mark , in   perhaps the hope that recovery could
    be effected by a subsequent future shuttle mission....would the spacecraft
    actually fit inside the cargo bay ?   ..... after all it is a pretty big
    beastie !
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    > This morning's confusing set of elsets for _both_ Astra 1K and its Blok
    > DM rocket can be explained by Astra 1K (presumably) being raised
    > slightly in orbit and by SCC switching the identities of the two
    > objects.
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